Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My computer still isn't fixed (boo hoo) but I figured I'd jump on real quick for an update to those who actually read this! By the way, if I have readers, let me know! I may be more inclined to blog more often! ;)

So, I managed to get my military ID finally! And yes, I was excited at the fact that I saved $12 on an oil change that I didn't even ask for! He saw the ID in my wallet when showing my California ID. The day I got that I drove out to Travis AFB and turned in mine and Nathyn's passport applications; they should be back in 4-5 weeks! Just in time to go to Germany when Terry gets home. We are now enrolled in TriCare, although I really have NO idea what it's all about yet, I have to look more into that.

I also managed to get the dogs and cat dealt with as much as I can for now. Nathyn and I took all 3 to the vets for rabies and other vaccinations, and then another vet in the same day for the ISO (international) microchips. That was definitely a chore! All thats left for them now is an International Health Certificate that they must all get within 10 days of us flying off.

Terry is doing great! He had a 4-day pass last weekend so we got LOTS of talking in and shared pictures with our phones. It was so nice to talk to him and see his face, but when I came time for him to turn his phone back in, I was definitely sad! He graduated from BCT (Basic Combat Training) a little over a week ago and started his AIT (job training) today. He's very excited that he only has a little over 5 weeks before he comes home (I can't wait either!).

Terry's parents and I purchased our plane tickets, reserved a rental car, and booked a hotel room for September 23-26. We fly into St. Louis the 23rd and will drive to St. Robert, a little town outside of the base. 24th is Family Day so Terry will be able to hang out with us for most of the day. The 25th is graduation, and after that Terry gets to leave with me! We'll stay in the hotel one more night, and he'll fly home with us the 26th. Everyone keeps asking me what day we are leaving to Germany... I DON'T KNOW! Terry applied for a hometown recruting thing that would give him an extra 2 weeks in Sacramento, but he doesn't know if he's been approved yet. I would assume that we're leaving here (if he doesn't do the recruiting thing) around the 4th of October. Sorry I can't be more specific guys!

Anyways, I think that's all for now. Terry will be in Sacramento the evening of September 26th and I know about a MILLION family and friends want to see us, so please be patient. We are definitely hoping to fit everyone in, and are considering having another get-together at a big park somewhere so we can all get together! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Here's a few pictures of Terry... Enjoy!