Thursday, December 24, 2009


Bring Him Home, Santa (Video and Lyrics)

This really pulls at my heart strings. I'm on of the Mommies with a little one asking for his Daddy for Christmas. Thank you Honey for sacrificing so much for our son and I. We love you more than you'll ever know. And thank you to all the soldiers missing their families this season, and Merry Christmas to the families missing their soldiers.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I've been thinking quite a bit lately, and I thought it was time to get some of my thoughts out. So here goes...

...This is MY life...

My name is Kegan & the word AMAZING doesn’t even begin to explain me and the life I live. First and foremost I’m a mother and a wife, and it’s the greatest roles I have ever played. My husband is a soldier in the United States army and I stand behind my man 100%. I’m truly a blessed woman to get to travel the world with such an astonishing person! The love of our lives was born June 22, 2006 and a day hasn’t gone by since then our little boy hasn’t amazed me. Nathyn Lee Douglas is our world!

Ask my closest friends and they’ll pretty much tell you I’m the life of the party! I’ve been lucky enough to have surrounded myself with the best of friends a girl could ask for. I have those friends that are always ready for a night on the town & hitting the dance floor, but would stop at the drop of a dime so that I can cry on their shoulder. The realest people in the world! I love you Melissa, Shana, Missy, Jason & Robert.

I do what I want… when I want. And I’ll do almost anything to get what I want. My husband spoils me and I love it. Don’t mistake it for being materialistic, I just like nice things. If I like you, you’ll know it. If I don’t like you, you’ll know it. I’m a softy at heart and will do what I can to cheer up a friend feeling blue. I’m never afraid to speak my mind; some call it bitchy-ness, but I prefer to call it honestly. Pretty much.. don’t ask me if your ass looks big in those jeans if you don’t want to know the truth.

I LOVE COOKING! I’m a huge fan of entertaining and take great pride in cooking dinner for a group of friends. Feel free to make a request, there isn’t anything I won’t try once!

MUSIC IS MY LIFE! If there isn’t a radio on, you’ll hear me singing anyways! I can never remember to make my bed but I know the words to a million songs, sometimes it amazes me. I listen to anything from Toby Keith to Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake to Patsy Cline. I love it all. I’ve recently become a fan of karaoke but please don’t get me wrong, I’m no Mariah Carey and don’t claim to sing well, I just have a shitload of fun doing it!

PHOTGRAPHY IS MY PASSION! There’s something about capturing a moment in time that pulls at my heart. Each and every picture I’ve taken tells a story and I feel very fortunate to have captured every single one of them!

I HAVE A BUCKET LIST! I don’t expect the so-called “unattainable” such as fame and fortune, but there are many things I dream of doing before I “kick the bucket”. I will sky-dive, ride an elephant, kiss my husband under the Eiffel Tower, go on a cruise, adopt a child and much, much more. I will eventually have 100 things on my list, and I encourage everyone else to create one as well. It's never too early or too late to create a bucket list, so get started!

I’M ADDICTED TO QUOTES! I can spend hours online reading the words of some of the wisest people that have ever walked this earth and can always find a quote to fit any situation of my life! Probably my favorite so far: “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”

I always have Lysol in my house, germs freak me out. Texting is my favorite; if you don’t have my number, ask for it! I’m addicted to bottled water, Crystal Geyser is the best (YES! Water does have a taste!). I love getting my hair done and changing it up as often as I can. A full tank of gas is one of the best feelings in the world! I still get butterflies when I check the mail and there is something addressed to “Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bolton”. I’m blessed to have named and be appointed the God Mother to a beautiful baby girl. I can’t say it enough, “Alivia Rene, you warm my heart”. That little girl is the strongest fighter I’ve ever and if her story doesn’t give you hope, nothing will. Douglas Patrick Butler was and always will be my hero and was by far the greatest man that ever lived! Rest in peace Grandpa, I miss you more today than I did yesterday… and only half as much as I will tomorrow. I love you.....

It took me a long time to find my silver lining but I’ve finally opened my eyes to the brighter things in life. I’m going somewhere, I’m loved, I have goals, and I surround myself with the greatest people alive. What more could I possibly need?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Typing to his Daddy! <3

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A friend of mine, whom also blogs, does a weekly post titled "Wordless Wednesday" that includes nothing but a photo, sometimes a brief caption. Because I haven't been in the mood to blog much lately I figured I can at least make it a point to get a picture, maybe a few posted every Wednesday of new activities during the previous week. Enjoy!