Sunday, January 10, 2010


So, Charlie did fine. He got his surgery for his abscesses and was neutered (poor guy!). The vet sent him home with two drains in his armpit and it was by far the most disgusting thing ever! Thank goodness Terry's mom was there to help out, she did all the cleaning of the wounds. He has to take a liquid pain medication, antibiotics, sedatives and benadryl each day for a total of about 12 pills a day. What a pain! But all came out well and his drains were removed and he's doing great now!
See what a pain it was? Mom held him down with a hot compress on the drain while Dad uses zipties to repair his e-collar. That dog ran into EVERYTHING with that collar. It needed several repairs! haha

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So, I'm pretty sure the neighbors dog bit my Charlie Boy.. AGAIN! I mean, it's probably Charlie's fault considering he never knows how to stay in his own yard and thinks every creature was put on this Earth is here as HIS friend. Any who, he had two puncture wounds in his armpit and they swelled about the size of a baseball. By the third day out he was coughing, sneezy and had a runny nose. So I called the vet..

When we got there he was weighed (a WHOPPING 91 pounds) and then the doctor poked his swollen ball and out came all kinds of nasty blood and puss. Sorry, but it was DISGUSTING! Because it was abscessed and not just swollen she informed me that he'd need to have surgery to open and drain the two swollen areas, have to stay overnight TWO nights (they are closed today for New Years so he stays til tomorrow) and then have to be on anti-biotics for 2 weeks. Grand total??? Nearly $600!! AAAHHH!! I really did NOT want to pay that much so I asked if there was any other (cheaper) way of going about it. They drew me up a new estimate and removed all the items that pertained to the anesthesia, scrubbing and prepping, IV, and medications needing during the surgery and inserted a neuter. The neuter includes all those things already is a lot cheaper than paying for it all separately. So... my boy is getting neutered. :( It kinda makes me sad because Terry and I had hoped to breed him someday, but that's okay. At least our Charlie will me healthy again.

Anyways, I pick him up tomorrow afternoon. Oh man, this dog has cost us A LOT of money. BUT, he's our baby, and we love him! Hopefully the infection didn't get to bad and he gets better with the anti-biotics so that I don't have to take him back!!