Thursday, January 29, 2009


Aahhh, we went on a "date" tonight! Nothing fancy, just went to dinner (alone!) at our favorite little hole-in-the-wall pasta joint, Strings Italian Cafe on Madison Ave. It was so nice to just sit, eat and stare at eachother. Honestly, that's what we did mostly! It was so nice to have some "us" time! After dinner we went to Target for ni-night diapers and to get some more jelly beans (but I didn't get them... $12 for a GIANT bag of Jelly Bellies? No Thanks!). Nathyn potty trained back in October but for some reason recently had a major regression! I think he was picking up on the stress me and Terry are feeling. Anyways, after Target we went and ren/
ted a few movies, then headed to the Dollar Tree and finally found some Jelly Beans! I really hate bribing him with food, especially SUGAR, but I know he's ready to potty train, he just needs a little extra push. Nathyn was excited so hopefully he'll continue this GREAT progress!!

Here's a picture of us lounging in bed yesterday!

Terry talked to the head honcho guy at the recruiting office today. Still haven't gotten the answer to what's going on from here, but he did say that he wants Terry to come in Tuesdays and Thursdays to do PT (physical training) starting tomorrow so that Terry stays in shape. He also told him that he really won't be dealing with his regular recruiter anymore and to only deal with him (he's like the main Sargeant there I guess). Anyways, I am praying we get some answers soon. The longer this drags on the more nervous and irritable I get. Can we just catch a break???

Also, I talked to a friend today who's a tattoo artist and I'm going to be hosting a Tattoo Party at my house soon! There will be snacks and drinks and tattoos! I'm really excited! I'm long overdue for some new ink! So I'm off to do some searching of what I want next! If you're interested in coming and getting a tatt, let me know!

Monday, January 26, 2009


AHHHH!! Sorry, I just had to get that scream out before I started. So, the latest word is... NOTHING! Someone somewhere is quite unorganized. Terry's staying on top of his recruiting office, who claims to be on top of whoever it is we're waiting on, but still... NOTHING. Once again, we're just waiting!

I did, however have a wonderful weekend. My dinner friday night was FUN! It was nice to get together with some friends! Got the news that Matt & Lauren are expecting, probably sometime in September. Hooray for babies! And Missy came too, we haven't all been in the same room in quite some time. Saturday was a super lazy day... but it was soooo nice and quite and there weren't people running in and out and kids screaming and dogs barking! How relaxing! It was really nice to have some quiet time with just my lil' family. And Sunday turned out to be quite productive! :) I did a little work and made a few extra bucks (which really helps with Terry being out of work!).

And lastly, Terry has been focusing a lot on what he can do to make sure Nathyn and I are safe once he leaves (if he leaves) for basic training. This includes buying me a hunting knife and hiding it in the house should there be an intruder. I find it comical now, but I know he's only doing the best he can to keep his family safe! He's so cute! He also added an "alarm" so-to-speak, but I'll talk more about that later... There's still a few "kinks" to work out. ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009


We haven't heard anything back from Terry's recruiter yet, and I am about to POP with anticipation! I'm hoping that we get a call by the end of today, or we'll have to wait til Monday and that's gonna make my weekend draaag! I don't really think that Terry is in any kind of hurry though. He really seems to be enjoying the time he's having with Nathyn!

We went (with my sister, Kia) to Babies R Us yesterday to look at travel systems and of course there were two clearance clothing racks... HOORAY! We found a camoflauge jammie set on sale for $6.50 so we had to get it for Nathyn. THEN, at the register, the total only came out to $5.14! I love super good deals! :) I think we're addicted to camo now! It's pretty much the cutest thing you can get for a little boy. How does Nathyn feel about it? You can answer that for yourself! ---->

And lastly, might I just add... THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! I'm so happy for my FIRST weekend in our own place so I can just relax in the quietness of my own home! Ahhhh! Because Terry's original leaving date was going to be Monday we have quite a few people that are wanting to see Terry and spend some time with him before he goes. So we're having a little "dinner party" tonight at our house. Another HOORAY! Company! It's been SO long since we've had friends over, for a minute there I thought I'd lost my social life completely! Anywho, mushroom chicken over rice, cauliflower with cheese sauce, and garlic biscuits! YUM! (And perhaps a cocktail or two). Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Haha, I got off work a little early today to meet with an attorney. Terry wanted to appoint me his power of attorney before leaving for basic training so I can do things like file our taxes (and get credit cards in his name!) while he is away. I called around maybe a dozen different places and prices for that really do run between $300 and $600! HOLY MOLY!

BUT, the stars were on our side when Attorney William Sweeney called me back and said that he really appreciates Terry's willingness to fight for our country and offered to draw up his Power of Attorney paperwork.... at no charge! How lucky are we?!

So now, I, Kegan Bolton, agent to Terry Bolton... HOLDS THE POWER! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hooray! I hadn't had the time to announce it yet but... My new neice is born, and Melissa let me be by her side the whole time. I kinda got ripped off in the child birth department considering I had the c-section and all, so this was really my first childbirth experience... It was amazing!

Anywho, labor started at about 7 pm on Sunday night and she went into Labor and Delivery at 9 pm dialated to 4 1/2 centimeters! This was it. After hours of contractions, 4 big pushes and me holding Melissa's left leg, little Miss Gracie finally entered this world!

Gracie-Mae Hope Bolton
January 19, 2009 5:48 am
6 pounds 6 ounces, 19 inches

Looking right at her Auntie! :) Melissa and Gracie Mae Nathyn LUVS his new "tuzzin"Proud Uncle! He was happy to see his neice before leaving for basic!

Of course there will be tons more pictures eventually! I can't wait to spend tons of time loving the new baby! I know what I'll be doing this weekend! :)


This is both good... and bad! Terry got dropped off at home around 3pm, and jogged from our house to my work (took him 2 hours!). I was very excited as I was walking out the door of work as he was walking in.. HOORAY!

Buuuttt... He came bearing bad news. :( He went for his physical and they found that he has a heart murmur and a curved spine. So now he will not be shipping out for BT on Moday like we thought. Next step is going for some cardio test to see what is making the "murmur" sound. So, we're hoping that everything checks out okay. As for his back, he has to get it checked to make sure that the curve isn't bad enough to not take him.

I'm SO frustrated, I really hope everything checks out okay. I know Terry really wants to go, but I can't help think about what happens if he doesn't get to.. Terry already quit his job, I already have a replacement lined up for my job, and I have rent that I can't pay by myself, we were looking forward to that military pay.

So for right now, I'm thankful for the extra time I get with the hubby (and I'm sure Nathyn will be happy too!) but I'm really hoping that everything gets checked out so we can move forward. Wish us luck!

As for the rest of last night, Nathyn made himself miserable and starting throwing up. Of course, he ended up in my bed before midnight and woke up every hour to remind me, "Mommy, hold me". Hopefully it's not too much worse when Terry leaves for a few months (or even longer when he gets his first deployment, which I'm confident won't be too far away).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok, so tonight is the first night alone! Terry hasn't left for Basic yet, but he went to MEPS for the night (physical and such). I think that Nathyn thinks that Daddy isn't "coming back" though. Terry had a talk with him last night trying to explain that he was going away for a little while, but that he would call and would miss him very much. I know Nathyn is young still, I just didn't want it to be such a shock when Terry left. Anyhow, since I've gotten off work, Nathyn has been very whiny and just keeps asking for this Daddy. :( I'm guessing this is just a sneak-peek for what really is to come. I hope that when the situation arises I'm given the strength to answer this questions and comfort his cries. We're sure going to miss Daddy.