Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today was my 2nd appointment with the high risk specialist. I hate the drive out there (about 40 minutes total) but I LOVE that I get to see my baby so often.Gavin is growing right on track so far which is quite relieving. I'm nervous he'll be big from the diabetes, and worried he'll be small because Nathyn was so small. These "checks" are a real nerve settler.

So far every thing with Gavin is perfect, heard his heart beating and watched it pumping away, say his tummy, legs and arms, and a few other parts. He bounced around and put on quite a show for Daddy and I.

My blood sugar levels aren't exactly where they want them, meaning not as low, but they are keeping me on the same medication dosage for now. My blood pressure isn't coming down either which is what I'M most worried about (because of preeclampsia) so my doctor doubled my dosage and sent me home with a blood pressure taker and I'm instructed to turn my numbers in in 2 weeks.

But for now, no major worries, thank God. :) Next appointment with the regular OB is in 4 weeks, and then back to the high risk specialist 4 weeks after that.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


At 13 weeks pregnant I made a trip to the ER. When the triage nurse asked what I wanted to be seen for, it was hard to explain. The best I could come up with is, "My vagina hurts". Still, 9 weeks later, I have a hard time explaining it but after much thought I came up with this...

You know when you're about 12 years old and you think it's funny to ride on a littler kid's tricylce? So you hop on, your knees touching your elbows and you pedal like a mad man while the wheels peel out a few times underneath you. After a few seconds, the tricycle has had enough... it jumps out from in front of you! Bike goes forward [after your wheels finally get good traction] but your body doesn't move. WHAM! Your ass hits the concrete. Now, your tailbone is bruised and it hurts to walk for a week.

Yeah, it's something like that. Only, when that tricycle flew out from underneath me this time, somehow my vagina hit the concrete instead. Yes, it feels like I bruised my tailbone... in my vagina. Getting out of bed is painful, sitting at my computer desk hurts, making left or right turns in the car is uncomfortable. I asked the doctor about it, they have no answers. It's getting worse. It puts me in a bad mood!

I'm 22 weeks pregnant now, which normally leaves about 18 weeks left. However, I get to schedule my c-section 1-2 weeks earlier so I have about 16-17 weeks left. I'm excited. I want to hold my baby, I want to witness the love and passion in my husband's eyes when he holds his beautiful creation, I want to see Nathyn shine when he finally meets his little brother.

Every time I think about the birth of this baby it makes me nervous. Anxiety kicks up, I panic a little bit, my day is ruined and then I cry. I don't want it to be this way, and in no way to I regret having another child. Terry deploys somewhere about a month or so after Gavin is to be born. It breaks my heart to know that my husband will be gone for a whole year. I think about all the things Terry will miss, I wonder how the baby reacts when he's finally home, how Terry will adjust to coming home to a wife and TWO kids instead of one. I hate thinking about it, but I can't help it.

And lastly... I'm hungry! I can't help it, but I am! I still haven't gained any weight and actually have lost 14 pounds since my initial pregnancy weigh in. WOOP! I want Thanksgiving SO bad, and I think I might not be able to wait the 9 weeks to make it. Too bad Terry leaves in 2 weeks for another month. So my newest assignment... finding someone to eat my Thanksgiving in October! YUMMM!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Changed a couple settings. Most important is not accepting comments from anonymous people anymore. I've gotten a few rude ones, and TONS of comments from people that don't sign who they are. If you're an anonymous commenter, then please create an account. It's easy to do, and you can comment all you want! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today was Nathyn's FIRST day of school! Pre-school anyways, but school none-the-less. He's been begging me to let him start for over a year already, so today was very exciting for all of us! Terry even was lucky enough to get off of work to drop him off and pick him up for his very first day!

And of course... PICTURES!