Sunday, June 21, 2009


...when you're not having fun. And that's the truth! Now, I'm not saying that everything is the pits, because honestly, it's not. However, I'm pooped! Exhausted, tired, worn out, and any thing else you can think of!
Terry's only been gone for 3 1/2 weeks. I say only because I swear it's really felt like MONTHS already, but I know I still have MONTHS to go! In the last 3 weeks my schedule at work has changed. I am no longer working full time, and really, that's both a good & a bad thing at the same time. Good because I no longer have to pay for child care or pay someone as much for rides to and from work. I now work Wednesday, Thursday & every other Friday. This week however I didn't work at all! Kinda nice to have a week off, but then again, I feel like it just gives me too much time to think, and at this point in time, I can't say that it's a good thing.
I feel like the most horrible Wife in the world! I went 6 days without writing Terry and I feel so bad, considering he writes me every single day! I just felt like if I actually sat down to write that I'd pour my heart out and whine about all the things I can't handle right now. But, I slapped myself silly (NO, not literally!) and I wrote him Thursday night, Friday morning, again last night, and sent him 2 cards. Also, my cousin and Aunt Tina wrote him, along with Maurine (long time family friend) so he will be getting LOTS of mail with stamps and pictures in it very soon! I know that will make him happy!
Anyways... It's SUMMER TIME! I have lots of things planned this summer so I'm hoping it'll be full of lots of fun! The cousin and I are going to Beyonce July 9th, and we also have on the agenda Raging Waters, Marine World, hitting the theaters for all the good movies (My Sister's Keeper is going to give me a good cry, I'm thinking I need that!), along with a few other things like rafting and trips to Folsom Lake.
I still haven't gotten the screen fixed on my really nice camera (and I don't even want to talk about how my laptop has a broken screen now too, so I can't use that either) but I bought a charger for my old camera, so I'll charge it up and hopefully get back into the swing of this whole blogging thing with updates and pictures!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


2009 05 28

So my days are so long. This is my second day here, I go to basic on Wednesday. Hooray! I miss you guys so much. We are doing medical checks and processing and PT. Don't write back yet, I'll let you know when.

Love Terry

P.S. Tell everyone I love and miss them. Give Nathyn a kiss for me :)

I'm glad to have heard from him. I'm happy he's doing well. But there's some part of me that really feels like it just got harder again... I miss him A LOT! I was just starting to feel "okay".. that didn't last long. Today was the first real bad day I've had since he's left. Stresses at work, Nathyn misbehaving, my wisdom teeth are coming in and causing me pain, and my allergies are kicking my butt. Normally I come home to Terry and tell him all about it, but I got home and he's not here. That breaks my heart.

I'm guessing this is just going to be a crazy roller coaster ride whether I like it or not, huh?

Monday, June 1, 2009


That's what I got today! I stayed the night at my Aunt Tina's last night to do a little birthday party over here for my Grandma's God Son. Anywho, I had my phone turned up full blast (I never turn it down anymore, I WILL NOT miss another call from Terry) and the second it starting ringing I shot up! I grabbed the phone and answered it, "Hello?". All I could here was Terry laughing hysterically, "Were you sleeping Babe?" DUH! It was 6:45 in the morning! Anyways, before I started talking about anything stupid and wasting time I asked if he only had a minute to talk but he informed me that he had 5 minutes.. I was SO excited!

I asked a few questions; What have you been doing? Did you get your uniform yet? When does Basic actually start? Are they feeding you okay (haha)? He sounded really happy and really cheerful. He said he was doing fine and seemed impressed with the fact that he hadn't gotten yelled at yet! He gets his uniform tomorrow (Monday) and that Basic would officially start on Tuesday. He was told that his graduation should be 07 August 2009, but not to make any solid plans, it may change. He also told me that he has written two letters already and that they are in the mail, but not to write him back at that address because he'll be moving again. He'll let me know when it's okay to write him back. That was all he got to spew out in a rush before saying, "Ok, I gotta go!" right in the middle of a sentance. I told him I loved him and said goodbye. He said, "I love you too Baby" and was gone... It was literally the best 3 minutes and 24 seconds I've had in the past week.

I think once the letters start coming and I can write him in real life (not just on the blog) that time will start to pass a little faster since I'll have something to look forward to. I'm so proud of my husband and I'm proud of myself for standing beside him in this life changing decision. I know it will all be okay. **I love you Terry**