Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving! And surprise, our first snow! How strange it was to celebrate our first BIG holiday here without and family or the familiar faces we are used to seeing! Terry and I have a schedule every Thanksgiving, and we go from house to house visiting loved ones. This year we stayed in and although I contemplated a little "chicken dinner" instead of going all out for the three of us, I decided to do it big and invite the single soldiers from the barracks to fill their bellies as well.

Good idea, right?? Yeahhhh, I thought so too, until I stood in the kitchen 30 weeks pregnant on swollen feet for 8 hours cooking non-stop! It was worth it though, I'm glad to have made people smile! :)

An excellent idea right here! I injected my bird with Tony Chachere's Creole Style Butter Marinade, smothered a bunch of butter under the skin, followed by some uncooked bacon strips and cooked in a Turkey bag. Little over 3 hours later, out popped this beautiful little thing! By far the juiciest and most flavorful turkey I've ever had & I got nothing but rave reviews!
Terry tried his hand at a new bacon and bacon cheddar stuffed mushrooms recipe and they were also a hit! I think the tray lasted a whole.... 8 minutes?! Good job, Honey!Between appetizers & dinner time, the boys got in some play time! Nathyn loves playing with the guys. It's always a show when we get a group together.Favorite part of the day?! DIG IN time!And thank you very much to the Titan Platoon for recognizing us in the December newsletter! It was our pleasure and we'd do it again given the chance!


  1. wow...what a happy family :D *envy* lol