Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thank you SO much to Miss Marsha for throwing me a wonderful baby shower!Unlike my first shower, this one was much more traditional. It was lovely! We played games...
Terry played with the gifts as I opened them...
There were lots of yummies from Marsha and a friend LaRee. And they had my best interest in mind when making the menu diabetic friendly! Thanks girls!
The kids had lots of fun playing with playdough while the grown-ups played our games.
I got SO many wonderful gifts. What great friends I have here!
We shared lots of laughs! :)
YAY! Turtles, my favorite! :)
Thanks again to Marsha who worked so hard while she had so much other things going on! She's truly a remarkable lady! And to all the people who came and celebrated the upcoming arrival of my newest little monster.